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The Kelburn Library has a range of spaces, services and collections for you to use and enjoy.

Book a study room at the Kelburn Library

Book a study room or book HERE if you have any issues

Two small study rooms are available on level 1 of the Hub along with the AV viewing room. Bookable study rooms are also available on levels 5 and 6.

Our Spaces

Study Zones

To accommodate your study needs, the Kelburn Library's study spaces have been divided into two zones. Green zones are for group work and conversation. Blue zones are for quiet, individual study.

The green zones are levels 1, 2 and 3 and the blue zones are levels 4, 5, 6 and the Reading Room on level 3. Students talking in groups in the blue zones will be asked to move to a green zone.

Zones are indicated on the floor charts by the lifts, and on signs on each level. Please respect your fellow library users and adhere to the zone rules.

Te Taratara ā Kae / Wan Solwara

Te Taratara ā Kae / Wan Solwara is the Library's Maori and Pasifka space on level 2. It houses the Maori and Pasifika collection, some student computers, as well as providing a large space for group and individual study.

The Glass Room

The Glass Room is located at the north-west end of level 2 of the Library, overlooking the Courtyard. In the Glass Room you can:        

  • Pick up your requested Victoria University of Wellington Library books (holds).
  • Browse Audiovisual Collection material, including CDs and DVDs.
  • Find all your Course Reserve material on 2 hour loan.
  • View current issues of print journals.

All items can be self-issued inside the Glass Room.                                                                                                                                                                                      

The Reading Room

The Reading Room was completed in 2013 and is a light, open and airy space designed for quiet study. It is located on level 3 and is also accessible from the Hub. 
The Reading Room provides study desks and quiet individual seating for 500 occupants. The room features a large artwork by Lonnie Hutchinson, entitled All that you breathe. 

Staff and Post Graduate Study Room (Level 6)

A study room for staff and post graduate students (swipe card access only) is provided at the southern end of level 6, with seating for 34 people.


The Kelburn Library has a wide range of collections which complement and enhance its core collections and online resources, including: 

New books are on display in the Glass Room (level 2) of the Kelburn Library, showcasing recent additions to our physical collections. These displays are changed weekly and items may be borrowed immediately.

All of the Library's resources are searchable through Te Waharoa.


The Kelburn Library has the following facilities available for your use:

  • Group Study Rooms are available on several floors, and can be booked through the library website.
  • Pick up intersite, holds and offsite requests from the Glass Room on level 2.
  • Pick up interloan requests from Victoria Info Ihonui level 2.
  • Find lost property and pay library fines at Victoria Info Ihonui.
  • Laptops, calculators, staplers and multiplugs are available for borrowing from Victoria Info Ihonui, level 2. 
  • Photocopying, printing and scanning facilities are available on levels 1, 2, 3 and 6.
  • Student Computing Suites are located on levels 1 and 2.
  • The University wireless network is available throughout the Rankine Brown building.
  • The Audiovisual Collection is located in the Glass Room, level 2.
  • The Library's unique and heritage collections are located in the J.C. Beaglehole Room, level 4.
  • The Access Suite - a quiet space to rest and study for students with disabilities, level 1.
  • 0800 LIB CALL - Library help on call. Staff and students needing help in the Kelburn library can ring roving Library staff. The roving librarians can help you find a book, respond to noise complaints and help you to navigate the library. Phone: 0800 LIBCALL (0800 5422255)

See our opening hours for the year.

Food and Drink

You are welcome to bring cold food and covered drink into the Library. Please eat all hot food in the Hub, adjacent to the Library. The decision of Library staff is final on the appropriateness of particular items of food; if you are asked to eat it outside, you must do so.

Kelburn Library Tours

To help you find your way around the Kelburn Library we offer regularly scheduled library tours at the start of trimester 1. Come along on a 20 minute tour and learn about Kelburn Library spaces and services and the resources we can offer to support your study and research.  
We are happy to arrange tours at any time - ask the staff at Victoria Info Ihonui or get in touch with the Library by email or phone.