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Laptop Loans

To borrow a laptop you must read and sign the Laptop Kit Loan Agreement form, and bring your student or staff ID card.

Each laptop kit includes the laptop itself, a case, a power adapter, and a mouse. They are issued for 3 hours. You are responsible for the full cost of any lost or damaged parts. If the laptop itself is stolen this could be as high as $1600. Do not leave the laptop unattended!

You can get information on which laptops are currently available through the Library Catalogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a laptop to use at a specific time?

You can book laptops just like any other Course Reserve item. Please see “How do I book a Course Reserve item to use at a specific time?” for instructions.

Can I print from a borrowed laptop?

No—printing from the Laptop Loan laptops is not currently possible.

How do I access my H drive and save my files on a borrowed laptop?

Do not save any files to the laptop--they will be wiped as soon as you log off. You can save your files to a USB memory stick, or you can access "My Workspace" on MyVictoria to save files to your H drive.

What software is installed on the Laptop Loan laptops?

The laptops have the following software available:

  • Internet Explorer 8 for web browsing
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • EndNote X5 for reference management

No other software is available and you may not install additional software on the laptops.

Which libraries have laptops available to be borrowed?

At present the Kelburn Library has 9 laptops available for borrowing. The Law Library, Commerce Library, Architecture and Design Library and the Education Library each have one laptop available.